Neat and tidy. Tidy and neat.

No, not the refrain from one of the “Mister Men” books.

It’s Malcolm pick-of-the-day. And today from the Times miscellany page, the Daily Universal Register, an innovation since the last re-vamp, and well worth the effort.

A dream house…

In Somerset

Weylands: A grade II* listed house, with ashlar hamstone façade, in West Lambrook, ten miles from Yeovil: four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a beautifully landscaped garden

Upside: Owners have resisted large-scale modernisation since a skilful modernisation in the 17th century.

Enough! Enjoy!

Malcolm has no great enthusiasm for estate agents, but feels he should acknowledge this delicious dwelling is available from here.



  • The whole “look” and tone of the Times has improved since the arrival of the new editor, James Harding. There’s still the Murdochian dark side hanging over its politics and attitudes; but it is less of a chore to read. Many of the graphics are superb.
  • How can one not like the assumption that the reader can cope with ashlar hamstone* as a term? And be impressed that someone bothered to put the cedilla in façade?
  • Then, the Times seems rather better at presenting the property than the estate agent’s original illustration. A neat trim has removed the telegraph pole (right of image) — a positive. Though the reduced length of lawn shown by the Times may be less so.
  • The dry wit of that last quoted sentence … priceless.


Is this too trivial to appear on the Times web-site? If it does appear, Malcolm has been unable to find it.


Malcolm’s public service announcement:

* Hamstone is the local limestone, so called because it comes from Ham Hill, a bare handful of miles, if that, from the site of the house.

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