The wit and wisdom of Iain Dale (part 93)

As if to underline the point Malcolm made in his previous post, here comes Iain Dale:

Sarkozy says Burkha is not welcome in France

When I first saw this headline on ConservativeHome earlier today, I must admit I wondered what John Bercow had ever done to offend the French President… More haste, less speed, as my mother used to say. I always thought that was a ridiculous expreshun.

Oh, and look! He was so taken by his own … something, he had to twitter it:

Blogpost: Sarkozy bans the Bercow. Shurely shome mishtake…

Such larks! Such overpowering intellect. Laugh? We nearly opened the second bottle in desperation.

To which should be appended a comment from one of Malcolm’s Tory Party acquaintances:

Whenever you have a conversation with Dale, he’s always looking over your shoulder to see if there’s anyone more important in the room.

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One response to “The wit and wisdom of Iain Dale (part 93)

  1. The man gives toss pots a bad name.

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