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… and the Duke of Montrose

One that should not be missed:

Scots Tories: We’re so toxic we drive voters to Labour

That’s Paul Hutcheon and Tom Gordon for the Sunday Herald, with a leaked set of minutes from the Tories’ Scottish Council. Although

George Kynoch, the deputy chairman, started the meeting by stressing “the importance of keeping internal party matters out of the media”,

the document is now public and:

records comments made by 30 of the 100 people at the meeting, including senior party officials, Scotland Office Minister David Mundell, MSPs and the Duke of Montrose.

As far as Malcolm can see, it’s a fair critique of the Tory campaign, writ large:

Jeff Stoddart, chair of Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, said the party was “struggling to connect with younger voters”.

Gary Mulvaney, the general election candidate in Argyll and Bute, said the Scottish Tories risk “becoming just a pressure group”.

MSP David McLetchie also said the policy mix had not been right, hinting that an emphasis on immigration did not gel in Scotland.

Richard Cook, the failed candidate in East Renfrewshire, “confirmed the viewpoint that the Conservative brand is seen as toxic” and said not enough had been done during the campaign to “tackle Labour lies”.

Colin Stewart, chair of Dundee & South Angus, said trying to convert voters on the doorstep to the benefits of Mrs Thatcher was “not the most productive use of time”.

Tory peer the Duke of Montrose also took a swipe at the LibDems, saying his party “must be careful that with a Liberal Democrat Secretary of State [for Scotland] that the LibDems do not claim credit for the work of the Coalition”.

The minute quoted Murdo Fraser, who has been [the formidable, nay iron-clad Annabel] Goldie’s deputy since 2005, as saying: “[He] expressed his view that some of the effort in the target seats did more to mobilise the ­opposition than to increase the Conservative vote.

Malcolm desists from any further comment. He doesn’t want to mock the sorely-afflicted.

Heh, heh!


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