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That Paxo stuffing

Malcolm has just watched Zac Goldsmith (worthy son and heir of Sir Jams) try to shout down Jon Snow on Channel 4 News.

Bad mistake.

Three things:

  1. Goldsmith seemed to say that every expense had been previously signed off by Tory Head Office.
  2. He implied that every Conservative campaign had worked to the same rules.
  3. At one point he seemed to make a threat of legal action against C4 News if the referral to the Electoral Commission fails.

Jon Snow tried repeatedly to ask his questions. He should not have been taken in by Goldsmith’s anti-rhetoric. or he should have gone the Paxman route. Equally, as Goldsmith had engineered a last-moment on-air interview, he should not have been surprised.

Goldsmith appeared to indicate he had been prepared to explain himself only to C4’s Cathy Newman. Hello! Is she now indentified by the Tory media-manipulators as the soft option? She can be a stroppy lady, so future encounters should be a blood sport.

Malcolm humbly suggests Tory Central will none too happy with the Goldsmith performance. Particularly since Dave Cameron had embraced his boy so definitively.

C4 News managed the neatest stiletto by appending tho the Goldsmith evisceration an odd spot on Lord Taylor of Warwick, the Tory peer being done for:

six counts of false accounting in relation to alleged dishonest claims he made for £11,000 in subsistence costs.

Up yours, Zac.

For the rest of us, remember: it only cost half a million to buy a seat in parliament.

And be a friend of Dave (for the time being: see facial expressions above).


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