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Guido Fawkes around the cuckoo’s nest

Hommage à Hogarth

It is little Malcolm repairs to the Paul Staines Home for the Hopelessly Paranoid. He finds it an avoidable delight, wholly akin to the gentility day-tripping to mock the Bedlam lunatics.

Now, though, is a good time to look in, to observe the reaction to Zac v Snow. Notice the following:

  • the unrestrained drooling use of foul language;
  • the repetitive “whataboutery” and repetitive use of terms such as “NuLieBore” (all s-o-o-o inventive and original);
  • these are the logorrheic care-in-the-community types you avoid on Camden Town tube station.

The most amazing symptom of all is the repetitive “it’s his own money” argument.

That means, for too many of this typical audience of Staines-by-name, stains-by-nature:

  • it’s only right and proper to buy one’s way into parliament;
  • there is a natural plutocracy who could and should be left to rule the country;

and, by implication,

  • the Great Reform Act was a mistake.

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