Pigs grunt, camels spit, Tories cut

Melopsittacus undulatus chirrups:

We listened to the glib and easy presentation of George Osborne’s diktat that we now have the “Office for Tax Simplification”.

This is needed, it seems, to entice foreign business to export UK profits.

It is also, said Gidders, with the hope that one day we all understand the tax regime.

What followed was a parade of old Tory nostrums, the employment of the great-and-the-good of the main accountancy and tax-lawyer firms, and a single mention of the effect on Jill and Joe Citizen:

the intent to “reform” and cut back on allowances.

Doubtless, the “good news” was in the small print, and will be trumpeted in the accompanying press releases.

Gidders: be careful buggering budgies.

We can vote.


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