Twice in the last few days Malcolm has found himself noticing particular dogs on leads. There probably were other dogs on other leads, but once he had found himself following the first, he was looking for confirmation from the second of the same type. Both the dogs in question were dachshunds.

What Malcolm had noticed, and what was confirmed by that second sighting, is that dachshunds seem to have a problem. The line pursued by the back legs doesn’t follow the fore ones.

As a result, the back end seems to take a different line to the front. In both cases the bum end was skewed to the right. Weird.

From henceforth Malcolm will be watching for more evidence of what seems a significant design fault.


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One response to “Crabbing

  1. You’re right, it is a design fault. I blame the Kennel Club and all those unscrupulous dog breeders.

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