May be or May be not …

Politics is a rough trade…

… but no Labour Home Secretary would have had the easy ride Tory back benchers gave Theresa May this afternoon.

That is precisely the point we find Paul Waugh making (after a salutary reminder of how Michael Howard fared in a previous spat):

It is not surprising that many on the Tory benches (and indeed some commentators) are willing to give the Conservative Home Sec (and Damian Green) the benefit of the doubt. Both May and Green are well liked by many Tories.

Some of their defenders would probably have bayed for the blood of a Labour Home Sec who dared to blame officials for interpreting their decision in a ‘reckless’ manner. But that’s politics for you.

Well, not exactly “politics” perhaps, but certainly “my party, right or wrong”.

The acid test could be which talking-head the Home Office puts up for the predictable Newsnight roasting — unless, of course, the Italian disordine squeezes out the domestic stuff.

As Tim Shipman, the Deputy Political Editor of the Daily Mail, has just tweeted:

No killer blow for Theresa May but this is her second sticky day at despatch box and leadership shares being bought in Yvette Cooper not her.

Shipman has his own web-site, to preserve such gems for posterity, of which he affirms:

All views are my own, not those of my employer, who has a leader column for that.

So, despite Waugh’s caveat …

Tomorrow’s political commentaries could be highly instructive.


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