The Wandsworth choo-choo

Let’s start with Simon Carr doing the Independent‘s parliamentary sketch of yesterday’s PMQs:

Jacob Rees-Mogg got a laugh. He took us even further back in time, his vowels as long and as sinuous as a medium-sized python. He praised “patriotic voluntyahhhhhs” for breaking strikes. As Auberon Waugh said of Derek Jameson: “It’s snobbish to comment on the way people speak, but to ignore his accent would be like ignoring a man at a party in a false nose.” Jacob recommended giving strikers a damned good thrashing. Or something.

Somehow that brings us to Boris Johnson, the lying, adulterous, offensive Mayor of London, who unquestionably attends parties, with or without his false nose (generally known as Brian Coleman, as right).

There was BoJo on the BBC London News explaining to Riz Lateef, necessarily in simple terms, the Northern Line extension to Nine Elms. Apparently it’s “chicken-and-egg” stuff: the developers won’t take on the Nine Elms site unless there is a direct Underground link, and there won’t be an Underground link unless the developers divvy up £750 million.

But what shows BoJo’s ineffable Old Etonian superiority  — and therefore Malcolm’s proper place below the salt — was BoJo’s diction. In the refined world of the Blond Seducer, the London Underground is properly termed … the Choob.


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