Babes and sucklings

Here’s one, from a remarkable source:

Yes: it’s Tim Montgomerie at ConHome.

For the record, Malcolm believes that there should now be a referendum because:

  • it would clear the air;
  • it’s the only way that annoyances like UKIP can be put back in their boxes;
  • it would severely tax the stability of the Tory party;
  • on the precedent of the AV-referendum, the “stay-in” side would be liberally funded by the City;


  • so, by a full thrashing of the issues and heavy propaganda, a “yes” vote to stay in can be engineered.

Beyond which,

  • it could move forward devolution and the break-up of the Saxon Empire;


  • Labour should be voting for a referendum, if only for the Hell of it: fiat justitia, ruat caelum. Moreover, it could be really, really interesting to have Labour, the Murdoch press, the Telegraph and the Express pulling together — even if the cause was then (hopefully) lost.

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