Be of good cheer

Last evening the Lady in his Life suggested to Malcolm that it was time to post his obituary here, and get back to real life.

It was a tempting offer: over the last while the enthusiasm had faded. Posting was a chore.

Still, there’s always a smidgeon or two of good news, even great news to change the mood.


Norwich City 0, Chelsea o

Oh, the joys of a no-score draw! Particularly so when Finkelstein in The Times had this one down as a 2-1 away win bet. Hah!

Then it’s stuffing-it-to-the-Ingleezis time with the oval ball.

Yesterday Harlequins betook themselves to the Galway Sportsground, cock-sure of a win in their final Heineken Cup pool game, and a wander through into the quarter finals. After all, Connacht had lost fourteen games on the trot.

Connacht 9, Harlequins 8.

Could the week-end get any better? Open the second bottle!

Oh, yes it can!

Northampton 36 … wait for it! … Munster 51.

And Ronan O’Gara only had to make eight of the points. Very adjacent to a stuffing.

As things stand, three of the quarter-final places are booked by Irish provinces — Leinster, Munster and Ulster.



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One response to “Be of good cheer

  1. Doubting Thomas

    And for a Norwich man, after another pitful performance, you can see Ipswich sink towards the Third Division (yes I know it’s called the First Division but these names means b*****r all in reality). Could the cup run over?

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