29 — and counting

But not pleading.

On Saturday (conveniently after the daily newspaperman’s working week) the police arrested four more of the Murdoch hordes. Not just any Wapping layabouts, but the Sun‘s brightest and best: the head of news, the chief crime reporter, the ex-managing editor and the deputy editor.

You would look hard in the Currant Bun to find any details.

As Nick Davies, the Guardian‘s rottweiler, notes:

This may be the moment when the scandal that closed the NoW finally started to pose a potential threat to at least one of Murdoch’s three other UK newspaper titles: the Sun, the Times and the Sunday Times.

Interesting that and the Sunday Times. Lest we forget, The Sunday Times hacked and blagged Gordon Brown, not for any “public interest”, but because it suited the Murdoch political agenda.


The four who were arrested on Saturday – like the 25 others before them – have not even been charged with any offence. But behind the scenes, something very significant has changed at News International.

Read that one again: the Murdoch empire is now shovelling the dirt on its former (and present) employees, and anyone else outside the charmed inner circle. That includes the Chipping Norton set. Which must make for a truly idyllic work-environment.

Hence Malcolm’s mental image:


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One response to “29 — and counting

  1. Doubting Thomas

    Slowly, inexorably, time wounds all heels.

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