A mark of shame to be proudly worn

The story so far:

On Friday Tim Dowling for The Guardian caught up with Yanko Tsvetkov‘s naughty-but-nice “satirical maps of national stereotypes”.

Then Pete Baker, who had first nibbled at it last September, was on Slugger O’Toole with a second bite, under the title:

Mapping stereotypes: “you should be able to find something here to offend you.”

So true, so very true.

So Malcolm threw in his two cents’ worth:

Yeah, Alphadesigner is shamelessly commercial. But —hey! — that’s the way Gove wants our (English) schools and Lansley our NHS. One of those is a cheap laugh.

On which topic (and no stereotypes — better believe it!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koY6kXhQDQo

Which, for those not prepared to make the hotline jump, is the viral of the interviewed Irishman telling us that bankers are one letter away from self-abusers.

Let us remember that Pete Baker (with whom Malcolm has previous) headlined his effort with a warning: “you should be able to find something here to offend you.”

At 23:06 pm this evening, this arrived in Malcolm’s in-box:

You have been awarded a yellow card on Slugger O’Toole.
The penalty was awarded for this comment:

The yellow card is visible on your profile and all your
comments. The card will expire in 1 days.

No further action is being taken now, you can still log in and
comment on the site. Further action which could be taken is
a red card (which will ban you from logging in or commenting
for 14 days), or a black card (which will ban you
from commenting or logging into this site for an indefinite
period of time).

Slugger O’Toole
Moderator Team

There’s a whole pile of ironies in there, should one search.



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