Here’s another story Slugger O’Toole is missing

Malcolm has been on the receiving end of a nasty nip from Slugger O’Toole. Fair enough. Reach for the Savlon and move on.

Yet Slugger does seem to miss a remarkable number of stories with a local flavour, and precisely the kind of cyberspatial stories that do not receive coverage in the mainstream media.

Some detect a Unionist bias in Slugger’s whole approach. As wikipedia tartly reminds us:

The choice of name was originally a reference to a sockpuppet character invented by Tim Murphy of New York, on an old CNN community called Peace in Northern Ireland. Murphy’s “character” was invariably drunk on Bushmills and usually espoused strong loyalist politics, which often caught the unwary or recently arrived off guard. And he never listened to reasoned argument.

“Reasoned argument”: now that really would be novel in Northern Ireland.

Which brings us to …

Dr Éion Clarke

… and, in particular his excellent Green Benches blog.

Yesterday’s post by Clarke dissected the Cameron visit to Newcastle Royal Victoria Hospital, gave us the full Monty and posed all the proper questions.

Clarke teaches at Queen’s University, Belfast. He is expert in applying statistical techniques to most things historical. He is something of a phenomenon on the blogging scene, cropping up as a commentator on a whole range of platforms, over and above his own. He is a literate and numerate critic of the continuing Lansley NHS “reforms”. He is a lefty, and (Malcolm gathers) a paid-up Labour Party card-carrier.

With Clarke on the doorstep of Sluggerdom, one might think he deserves a nod or two of attention.

If it’s good enough for:

… why does the Mick Fealty empire so patently ignore Clarke?

Particularly when the essence of the story  goes far beyond a mere hospital visit, and allegedly involves the press pack being locked in a side room so as not to witness any fall-out?

Clarke has got a story that could run and run. Slugger O’Toole should be running with it.


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