6th October 1991: day to live in hilarity.

That was when Wales played Western Samoa, at Cardiff Arms Park, in the second Rugby World Cup. And lost 13-16. Wales went out of the tournament at the pool stage, and Anonymous coined the gem: “Thank the Lord we weren’t playing the whole of Samoa!”

Reading an education news-item, this — perhaps because of the tangential Twickenham connection — inexplicably sprang to Malcolm’s mind:

Education Secretary Michael Gove has suggested a proposed new Catholic school should limit Catholic pupils to 50% of its intake.

Business Secretary Vince Cable wrote to Mr Gove about the proposed school, which is in his Twickenham constituency.

Mr Gove said the proposal for a cap was “very sensible”.

But a Catholic Education Service official said turning Catholics away and admitting others just because they were not Catholic would be “odd”.

What was particularly “odd” in that story was this:

The deputy director of the Catholic Education Service, Greg Pope, said Catholic parents in the area had been asking for the school.

So, if the deputy director is a Pope, what’s his superior called?

[In fact the “Interim Director” is Monsignor Marcus Stock. But that both spoils the joke, and raises other questions.]


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