Pants on fire, re-(word)pressed

The least repetitive version of the BoJo/Ken lift spat seems to go like this (from The Guardian politics blog):

Nobody in their proper frame of mind would believe that Ken Livingstone lacks ability to colour the truth. Even so, the combination of that adjective and epithet, from Boris Johnson’s mouth, seems peculiarly self-damning. After all, as Malcolm cannot forbear in repeating:

Les neiges d’antan (again)

Johnson did not get the boot from Michael Howard’s Shadow Cabinet because he was screwing (and impregnating) Petronella Wyatt.

He was outed, deliciously, by the fragrant Lady Verushka Wyatt (Petsy’s loving Mum), as the Mail salaciously recounted :

Sacked shadow cabinet minister Boris Johnson was the victim of a revenge plot by the mother of the mistress he ditched, it was claimed yesterday.

Lady Verushka Wyatt is said to have been incensed by the way he treated her only daughter Petronella.

Reports that he quibbled over the price of an abortion infuriated her further.

Lady Wyatt leaked news of at least one abortion which Miss Wyatt underwent after sleeping with the Spectator editor.

Father of four Mr Johnson last week rubbished reports of an affair but after Lady Wyatt briefed journalists that the allegations were true, he was fired as Tory arts spokesman by party leader Michael Howard late on Saturday.

Yesterday Lady Wyatt, the widow of the Tote boss Woodrow Wyatt, said she had no sympathy for him. Speaking from the £3million house she shares with Petronella in St John’s Wood, North-West London, she said: “I’ve no views on his dismissal. It’s none of my business really.”

Howard’s memorable contribution to Conservative family values was:

Howard said the sacking was because Johnson had lied over the affair. It had nothing to do with morality.

Causus belli

The issue at dispute seems to be whether Johnson used a private company as a vehicle for tax-avoidance (also from The Guardian politics blog):

If Malcolm had no previous grudge against BoJo, the abuse of the title of a long-time favourite book now provides one.

By the way, today, April 3rd, is the anniversary of Lenin arriving in 1917 at the Finland Station. Pedants would quibble that is going by the old Orthodox calendar: in the Western Gregorian calendar it ought to be 16th April. But such troublemakers would have the October revolution happening in November.

Other pettifoggers suggest that Lenin had arrived at St Petersburg (which would have been true between 1703, the city’s foundation, and 1914 when the name seemed Germanic and was changed) or Leningrad (as it was between 1924 and 1991): both names are anachronistic. The Finland Station was then in Petrograd.

Here, at Malcolm Redfellow’s Home Service, we have respect for the truth. Unlike anything that happens in the lifts of LBC radio.


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