Of mice and intolerance

On the backside (no insinuation intended) of that page 15 of yesterday’s Evening Standard we find:

According to Stephen Green, leader of Christian Voice, there is a simple explanation for the infestation of mice which has forced Tesco’s Metro store in Covent Garden to close.

“Nothing has gone right for Tesco since they decided to support Gay Pride,” says Green. “Their only hope is to repent of that decision and put their trust in God.”

Green blames Tesco’s gift of £30,000 to London Gay Pride in November 2011 for the mouse infestation. He also says this has led to a drop in sales and profits, a poor performance over the Christmas period and a plummeting in share prices.

Some said this could be an April Fool’s Day joke but Ben Summerskill, chief executive of Stonewall, believes Green is not known for his levity.

“In comparison with years of famine, plagues of locusts and pillars of salt, the Good Lord can’t be very displeased if all he has arranged on this occasion is a minor infestation of mice at Tesco Metro in London WC2,” says Summerskill. “I’m a little surprised that Mr Green and an organisation that styles itself ‘Christian Voice’ doesn’t have other things to think about in Easter week.”

Green also claims that a shopper in Birmingham saw baby mice falling out of a crisp packet in Tesco’s Aston store. The mice have been multiplying speedily, so no one can say they are homosexual.

Nothing to do with numerous fooderies and street-vendors around Bedford Street, then.


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One response to “Of mice and intolerance

  1. wild turkey


    … and just when i have told bus loads of polish tourists to visit my local belfast Tescos with the encouraging clarion call ” this is what shopping was like for your grandparents 50 years ago” you have to come up with this.

    a moment for slugger, to kill a mocking bird and harry flash?
    as you said:-
    “Ah, Harry! You are so disappointing, so limited, so predictable. I almost wish I were as sure of anything as you are of everything. ”

    in response, i was tempted to post

    “harry, in the 70s there were pet rocks. in the 80s cabbage patch dolls. but these are modern technological times and we have… harry flashman!!”

    as an ex roman catholic it pains me to say this but, i have a sneaking amusement in his public displays of intellectual handjobbery.

    its easter. i’m taking the kids fishing

    Malcolm , good luck and god bless


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