Dawn, 25th April

The Pert Young Piece won’t be around Redfellow Hovel this week. She’s temporarily flown the coop.

As of now she should be meeting up with a party of dubious antipodeans in Istanbul and environs.

On Tuesday night the party camps out near North Beach at Anzac Cove, ready for the annual dawn service of remembrance.

It’s not just because she’s a history buff. It’s not just for the dubious pleasure of being with Australians and similar low-lifes. Or even the inevitable consumption of Efes Pilsener. It’s because Great-great-uncle Nevil was there before her.

So she’s carrying, and may suitably deposit, a small acknowledgement:



94874 Bombardier Nevil Pigot and his comrades of B Battery, 68th Brigade, RFA

Deepcut Barracks, 1915

— 0 —

Bombardier Nevil Pigot, B. By., 68th Bde, RFA, received the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) in the London Gazette of 21 June 1916 for conspicuous gallantry when repeatedly repairing telephone wires under continuous shrapnel fire.

Bombardier Nevil Pigot, B. By., 68th Bde, RFA, received the Serbian Cross of Karageorge, 2nd Class, with Swords, in the London Gazette of 21 April 1917.

Bombardier Nevil Pigot, RFA, mentioned in despatches in the London Gazette of 13 July 1916 for distinguished and gallant services rendered during the period of General Sir Charles Monro’s Command of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force.

— 0 —

Also the elder brother of Nevil Pigot

 125573 Gunner Edward Wilson Pigot, Royal Garrison Artillery

Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension N°2 (Somme, France)



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