Very silly. But improvable [Part 1]

The Sunday Times Travel section, front page:

50 best bars in the world, page 6.

It looks a whit more PR-ish in sans-serif capitals, and against a postcard-background image. But, obviously, it still isn’t convincing.

Malcolm reckoned, without any detailed scrutiny, he had been in at least three of these joints. And, in each case, as soon as suited him, walked out. That must include, as the ne-plus-ultra:

Bar Dandolo at the Hotel Danieli, Venice

Forget Harry’s Bar and sip instead in the soothing calm of the Hotel Danieli, a short walk away…

You are quite correct about Harry’s Bar, Paul Wooton (since you are the credited “author” of this cut-and-paste job). Beyond that:

No, no, — a thousand times no.

The Hotel Danieli is aa well-located a convenience (Geddit?) as any near Piazza San Marco. That’s the really good news.


  • You bluff your way past the doorman.
  • You turn sharp right, and up the flight of steps.
  • Admiring and passing the magnificent, if highly-polished and well-scrubbed architecture, you use the (very couth) sanitary facilities of the Hotel Danieli.
  • Retracing your steps, you swiftly make your excuses and leave (Sorry: I’m looking for my wife); and head for a real, live Venetian watering-hole.
  • Beforehand, you should have read, for help and guidance, pages 155 to 175 of Toni Sepeda’s Brunetti’s Venice.
  • From there, you take your pick of what the real sestieri San Marco has to offer, just around a few corners, and not infested with tourists.
  • In which case, you might even meet a real, live Venetian — or at least someone who isn’t a tourist off a cruise liner.

So, Malcolm’s next thought, Mr Wooton:

You. Must. Be. Joking.


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