Very silly. But improvable [Part 1a]

Oh dear.

Two rude emails already.

Let’s be clear on those points:

1.  Toni Sepeda’s Brunetti’s Venice is not a guide to Venetian boozers. It is a highly competent commentary on the wanderings of the fictional Commissario Guido Brunetti around his native city. For the record, Donna Leon’s sequence is, arguably, the best continuing novel-sequence going, crime-thriller or not.

2. A good “pub”/bar/ café/ caffe is where one wants to be, or is required to be, or conveniently is, at any moment in time or place. At this moment Malcolm would wish to be nowhere else than in Place de la Bastille. With, inevitably, someone with a squeeze-b0x, and — tonight of all nights —  La Vie en Rose:

The series on decent drinking-holes may yet be continued.


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One response to “Very silly. But improvable [Part 1a]

  1. Acknowledgements, in passing, to a (younger) Mick Jagger lookalike, Dean J. Baker, of the League of Canadian Poets, for his “like”.

    Malcolm hopes he got some of that last sentence aright.

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