They’ve all got it in for me!

So Malcolm almost avoids the reference to that Carry On moment he has already used too often.

It is, however, another classic comment which his ageing synapses cannot pin down.

Whoever it was, the comment is a killer: A Prime Minister can survive anything, except mockery.

And now the cover of the current Economist:

The Economist‘s judgment is only a trifle less damning, and yet harsher for being so, than that image:

The greatest worry is not the coalition, but Mr Cameron himself. A delegator by nature, he has stuck by the same tight circle of long-standing aides, even as the number of gaffes has risen. He needs people with better political antennae. More deeply, the competing instincts that run through his government—on the one hand, a bold, impatient desire to fix the state, on the other a deep, almost genetic comfort with life at the apex of the British Establishment—co-exist within the prime minister himself. Hard government requires hard decisions. So far trimming and too-clever-by-half evasions have been found out every time, while radical clarity has paid off. Mr Cameron has had his warning; he should learn from it.

How far away is that from Dennis Skinner’s magisterial put-down of Jeremy Hunt? —

When posh boys are in trouble, they sack the servants.

Decent Photoshop job, by the way.

The male figure is derived from Gainsborough’s Mr and Mrs Andrews. In the original he is supported by a solid oak-tree, not unconvincingly by some mere sapling. Work the rest out for yourselves.


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