There are places Malcolm would happily live.

One is northern Italy, particularly the bits well away from tourist blackspots. Having said that, therefore a feeling of sympathy, at least, for those afflicted in these two recent earthquakes.

A Malcolmian aside:

Start of the autumn term. Staff room on coffee break.

Very “orthodox” senior lady retailing her summer travels.

Early one morning, in Venice, she and her (significantly younger) husband had been wakened by an earth-tremor.

Callous remark from (doubtless, envious) Geographer: “Did the Earth move for you, Maureen?”

OK: we’ve had two significant events. One was around 6.0 on that Richter scale. This second one was about 5.8, ditto. The second seems to have caused more fatalities and general pain and grief than the first. Let’s accept that it’s the “where”, not the “what”, that matters.

Even so, with perhaps a couple of dozen dead, it needs a heart of stone to pass over the Wall Street Journal headline:



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