And now trending on Twitter

Peter McKay, at the Mail, (otherwise “McLie” or “McHackey” in Private Eyeputs a boot in:

This is not how it was supposed to pan out for Cameron & Co. They might have expected to bask in public satisfaction over the Diamond Jubilee and 2012 Olympic Games. 

But the dreadful early summer weather and BBC TV presenters’ inane commentaries during the Thames river pageant reduced any prospect of the Jubilee being a plus for the Coalition. 

As for the Games, the crass commercialism and embarrassing collapse of the multi-million-pound, private sector security arrangements created another ordure storm.

Now the Games are upon us, cheerleaders have replaced whingers. We’re urged to forget the maladministration and get behind the athletes. But this doesn’t translate into getting behind our ruling politicians.

To which Malcolm would add that, say about 5pm on Friday, exercising a Freeman’s right to drive a flock of sheep across London Bridge would generally add to the prevailing hilarity and mirth.

Those who have any doubts about the very bridled enthusiasm of Londoners over the next dose of bread-and-circuses should resort to the Twitter hashtag #disobeyboris. There you will find such gems as:

  • Head to Heathrow. Wear an Olympics t-shirt. Tell everyone that the games are cancelled and they’re not allowed in #disobeyboris
  • #disobeyboris make pepsi stickers and stick them on every 2012 coca cola advert you see
  • Tell American tourists that Boris Bikes are ‘I Speak Your Weight’ machines. #disobeyboris
  • Do not get ahead of the games. Get behind the games and follow them around. Whistle nonchalantly whenever they look at you.#disobeyboris
  • Go to work using public transport & ultimately live your life like your hometown hasn’t become a pyre on which to burn £11bn#disobeyboris

For those who haven’t got it, the Mayor of London, Blasted Boris, tells us:

… concerns over security and transport before the Olympics is a “necessary pre-curtain up moment of psychological depression”

Not sure whether that grammatical infelicity is pure BoJo or the BBC.


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