An arresting spectacle

From the BBC website:

Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie has described the man arrested for painting a postbox gold in his honour as a “legend of Lymington”.

Rob Smith, 51, was arrested after painting the postbox in the Hampshire town where the gold medallist lives.

Royal Mail had chosen to paint a postbox gold in Cornwall, where Ainslie was brought up.

A Facebook campaign backing a golden postbox in Lymington has attracted more than 1,700 supporters…

The company [Royal Mail] previously described Mr Smith’s actions as “vandalism” and said the postbox would be repainted red.

There’s more in the Southern Daily Echo (curiously credited to Melanie Adams, “Health Reporter”):

The owner of the Haven Cafe, Bar and Bistro in Lymington was arrested in the early hours of this morning after he was caught painting the post box in the High Street gold in honour of Ben’s fourth Olympic gold medal.

The 54-year-old was driving home from work at around 1.30am when he drove past the post box and decided it was the right thing to do after so many were left disappointed that Cornwall, where Ben had grown up, had got the golden post box instead of Lymington, where the sailor lives.

Having bought two cans of spray paint earlier that day, it took Rob just 20 minutes to finish the makeover, before he was arrested for causing criminal damage and spent the night at Lymington police station.

The gold-painted post-boxes must have seemed a great idea at the time. They do seem to have spawned quite a bit of trouble. One, at least, was denuded. In many cases the location was disputed. Mr Smith is just one prime example of guerrilla painting.

What a way to celebrate “the Big Society”.


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