Norfolk enchants!

Well, boy, en ‘i’ good to see the Eastern Daily Press, out of Norwich, leading the national political debate:

Apparently as Cameron was sacking Spelman he told her that part of the reason was that she was too old, to which she replied she was only 54.

As if to labour the point she was also told she was “of Sir George Young’s generation”. Sir George wasn’t overlooked when the gongs were handed out of course.

It can only be a blow to Cameron’s equality claims that while outgoing men have been thrown a bone, both Spelman, in some front bench role since 2001, and Gillan, doing the welsh portfolio on the Tory frontbench since 2005 have been ignored.

Gillan’s sacking interview also appears to have irked. When she went in Cameron wielded the proverbial axe while drinking a glass of wine, I’m told; chillaxing perhaps. He didn’t offer her any though.

Malcolm might have capitalised the “welsh”, there, but the piece drives home a point. To be honest, this is one of the mildest anecdotes going over the re-shuffle.

Being of “certain years”, and having to keep the nice side of The Lady in his Life (not to mention the Pert Young Piece and the Earth Mother), Malcolm feels obliged to acknowledge this:

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said: “We already know David Cameron has a real problem in the way he treats women. If these accounts are true it seems he has a particular problem with older women too. At the same time as he is giving gongs to the boys and calling on politicians to be more “butch,” David Cameron seems to be living in another century.”

[If there’s anyone out there who didn’t get the headline, try it phonetically.]


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