Divide by two. And by two again.

The title is a convoluted way of including this special something …

It was Joanie’s first single release. Those of us who bought the original LP (still in Malcolm’s attic) know how it made the hairs stand on the back of your neck, even played with a crap Dansette player.

There’s quite some dispute over the Four Marys, though a convincing — though not definitive — version is recited here. That version, sadly, has already sacked the eponymous Mary Hamilton.

Which is where Malcolm was intending to go, anyway.

Or rather, let’s hear it from ConHome:

Cllr David Britton of Lewisham Council has been expelled from the Conservative Party are admitting that he was in talks with the Labour Party.

Ironically Cllr Britton had earlier been instrumental in denouncing another Conservative councillor for contemplating going into coalition with Labour.

There is much to oppose in this profligate Labour-run local authority – including in their treatment of the vulnerable. They close a library while spending vast sums on equalities bureaucracy.

There is now just one Conservative councillor in place doing this, Cllr Christine Allison.

Gosh! Equalities! We can’t be doing with that! Especially when the ConDem government has suddenly mushroomed no fewer than three equalities ministers.

But what perplexed Malcolm is how does a Tory group of just two councillors manage to expel one of the two?



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3 responses to “Divide by two. And by two again.

  1. Doubting Thomas

    It’s age and drink but what’s the Joan Baez LP called please.

  2. Malcolm Redfellow

    Joan Baez’s very first album, all the way back in 1960, was called, eponymously, “Joan Baez” [Vanguard VRS-9078, or for snobs who had one of them there innovatory stereo players VSD-2077]. And I bought mine, new, on Ormond Quay, Dublin.

    With additional tracks it’s still available.

  3. Doubting Thomas

    Mnay thanks. In connection with the rest of the posting, presumably the Lewsiham Tory can now emulate the reputed quality of the Celtic Manager and fall out with herself in a locked room.

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