The chill of an early fall

You got it. The headline is a cheapskate lead into the classic George Strait song. It took Malcolm a long, long while to come to terms with Strait — just another “Big Hat act”. Somehow, though, he grows on you. Like mildew:

That came to mind this London morning, Wednesday 19th September. Just two days short of the autumn equinox.

The Lady in Malcolm’s Life disappeared off to play a short golf round. And was back as quick as geddout for a warmer sweater.

Malcolm went off down the garden behind Redfellow Hovel. He looked up into clearest blue sky — just an Airbus making its starboard turn onto the Heathrow approach. He noted the leaves beginning to accumulate on the borders. He felt — if not a shiver — then, at least, an intimation of the mortality of the year.

The Pert Young Piece, later on, reported that her early-morning departure for work was marked, for the first time in a long while, by the condensation of her breath.

Meanwhile …

There is the Populus opinion poll in yesterday’s Times: Tories 30%, Labour 45%, LibDems 10%. It’s probably what Anthony Wells calls “an outlier”, but it is horribly, awfully credible. The Times [£] comment went:

This is its highest share in a Populus poll in this Parliament and an increase of 5 points since the last Times poll in July. The Tories drop to 30 per cent, down 4 points on July and a new low in this Parliament. The Liberal Democrats drop 2 points to 10 per cent. Labour would be heading for a landslide victory if translated into seats at a general election…

So much so that the usual ConHome circus rode out to rubbish it. And were almost convincing. Almost.

The Times They Are a-Changing.

But that’s another track. Or two. And both far better.


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