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This is definitely becoming a habit …

The whole of Matthew Norman’s Telegraph piece, Coming through … the arrogance of power, piquing the woebegone Andrew Mitchell bears reading and enjoying. And the accompanying image of Mitchell behind bars adds an extra delight.

We are all well aware that the Telegraph doesn’t have the hots for the Cameroons. As a result individual columnists are licensed to roam freely. It’s a long, long time since the old rag was the loyalist Torygraph: it and the Spectator seem increasingly to be UKIP-lite.

Malcolm heartily recommends the whole of the article. For a sampler, though:

… this has of course been a week of barely precedented horror for the British police. A more sensitive man, even when forced to dismount and wheel his bike a few yards, would have had in mind the murders of two WPcs in Manchester, and the grief felt by their colleagues. Such a man may even had been aware, within a week of the Hillsborough report’s publication, that more tragic things than an affront to monstrous arrogance have flowed from the police refusal to open a gate.


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