That was easy

Malcolm enjoys his sallies into Slugger O’Toole’s fragrant boudoir. At its best (and that’s frequently), Mick Fealty’s little empire provides some of the best on-line discussions on things Northern Irish and beyond. There’s been an uplifting one, these last few days, on Eric Hobsbawm, no less. Any thread initiated by Brian Walker is well worth the study.

It is a very well-run joint, too: disrespect and naughty words earn a yellow, red or — perish the thought! —black card.

Yet in Sluggerdom Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies is never far below what is actually said. This is, after all, a place of resort for the knuckle-draggers and sash-wearers of the most unreconstructed statelet in western Europe. Their wrap-the-green-flag-round-me bhoys opposite numbers are none the better.

At which point, temptation strikes. And Malcolm inevitably surrenders:

For the record, Malcolm’s current score is two yellows and one red — largely because there is at least one Slugger administrator with an abysmally-low threshold of irony.

A bit of background here:

  • The Ulster Unionist Party is as fissiparous as orgiastic amoeba in eukaryotic ecstasy.
  • The UUP is engaged in one of its twice-monthly spats.
  • David McNarry, the MLA for Strangford is flying the coop, into the arms of Nigel Farage’s little coterie of miscreants, gay-bashers, chauvinists and golfers.
  • Malcolm was awake much of the night with gout. He was not a happy bunny this morning.

And so to the post:

Which means, apart from here, that thought will never been seen again.



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2 responses to “That was easy

  1. Thank you for the amazing music. Good to have music with a story and a strong voice.

  2. Doubting Thomas

    On your comments on UKIP, I assume that the press are taking Herr-Monsieur Farage at his own valuation for their own purposes to make mischief and they will turn on him and his party as soon as there is ny threat to the Conservatives, doubtless using the comments you have made to Slugger’s blog.

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