Guido Fawkes out-done!

Get this: Paul Staines’s little pus-pile has found a limit of its grossness!

Staines’s empire inflated, and continues to exploit what he terms as “Pilgrims”.

A “Pilgrim” is any employee who is afforded management approval to spend time representing fellow employees.

Lest we forget — for one passing example — those lasses and lads dumped overnight under the bridges of London, in the hope of a “job” at the Olympics, were non-unionised and unrepresented. They had no “pilgrim”

Got that?

Seems almost reasonable —  perhaps.

Thanks to Milady Thatcher and her derivatives, trades-unionism is mainly a feature of the public sector. Everybody else is either too grand, too frightened, or too out-sourced to feel free (good word, that!) to join any kind of mutual representation and support.

Therefore, to the convinced believer in capitalist “free-enterprise”, any vestige of trades-unionism must be extirpated.

So Mr Paul Staines, the onlie turd true begetter of Guido Fawkes, has set his drunk-driving hat at overturning this impediment to the return of decent authoritarian society. Now, he claims total victory!

Trades-union representation must go!

And so, paean of adulation! — A  TransAtlantic Tunnel Hurrah!

Hold on , Malcolm: that’s SciFi!

Well, perhaps not.

For, you see, even in the empire of “Guido Fawkes” (whose original was a Catholic, terrorist, Spanish /Euro stooge) things are quite not as “libertarian” as its progenitor claims.

Commentators are free to blaspheme, curse, abuse — provided they choose the right (especially left) targets, use foul language, lick windows … whatever. But “libertarianism” has restrictions.

Try this:

So, Mr Paul Staines (by name and by nature), of Ealing, but conveniently claiming to be a good Irishman, who went un-libertarian there?

[By the way: the last response Malcolm had from Mr Staines amounted to a four-letter word of abuse.]


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