Ticks every box

Malcolm, in bedroom-decorating mode, has been attempting to formulate a pertinent comment on the Tory conference. It is a depressing distraction — though he was tempted to pursue the Scottish Tory leader’s daftness over this one:

Almost nine in ten Scots receive more from the state than they pay in tax because of a ‘corrosive sense of entitlement’ north of the border, a top Tory said yesterday.

Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, said it was ‘frightening’ only 283,080 households – 12 per cent of the total – pay more in taxes than they get back in public services.

She told the party’s annual conference in Birmingham that Scots are now so reliant on ‘the gangmaster state’ that the public sector accounts for more than half of the nation’s wealth.

Miss Davidson said the ‘rotten system’ of state patronage had been fuelled by Labour and the Nationalists.

The Scottish National Party, led by Alex Salmond, described her comments as her ‘Mitt Romney moment’ …

For once Wee Eck found a proper response at the end there.

Alex Massie, for the The Spectator, said all that needed to be said in a succinct headline:

Scottish Tory Leader to Scots: Drop Dead

It looks even better on the web-page in pillar-box red.

But there’s still that lurking problem: what to say about the Cameroon-fest? Well, Max Hastings knifed Mayor BoJo very effectively — so much so that yesterday’s Mail piece gets re-cycled in today’s Guardian. Mmmm … how often do you get that kind of cross-over?

Ah! but facing that, here’s the best comment on the whole charade, in the letters column:

I am not a millionaire. I am not a tax avoider. I am not a banker. I work (proudly) in the public sector. I do not hate immigrants. I recognise that most people are poor because of obscenely low wages and a chronic lack of jobs, not because they are lazy or “scroungers”. I believe that, on balance, the EU is a good thing. I fully support a woman’s right to choose whether she wishes to terminate an unplanned pregnancy, and that no one else should try to control her body or fertility. I believe that trade unions are vital to protect workers from unscrupulous employers, and that employees need statutory protection and rights in the workplace. I believe that it is ordinary working people who actually create Britain’s wealth, not a handful of business tycoons. I believe that far too much of this country’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of the top 1%.

Sorry, Mr Cameron, but the Conservative party is definitely not for people like me; never has been, never will be (The Tories are for everyone, Cameron to tell conference, 10 October).
Pete Dorey
Bath, Somerset

Or, as those with a “privileged” education would recognise: verbum sapient sat est.



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