No soul/sole in New York

Some years back, one warm Friday evening, the Lady in his Life and Malcolm had dined well, and were wandering through San Francisco. Doubtless in search of a couth bar. [Damn this spell-checker to blazes! Not a ‘cough bar’!]

Suddenly it seemed as if all hell had broken loose. Along the road came hundreds of skaters, some with those little caver’s lamps on their helmets, others waving lights and light-sticks. Screams, shouts, and whistles. A good show was enjoyed by all, participants and by-standers.

It is, apparently, a regular weekly event. Being San Francisco, it even claims to have political significance: a campaign for ‘alternative transportation’. Just how many ‘campaigns’ can one city support?

Anyway, good-luck to the Midnight Rollers.

Cross the continent

We pick up the New York Times to find this:

Hundreds of skateboarders defied a court ruling on Saturday, gathering on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and then riding down Broadway to the Financial District, in an annual longboard race that a State Supreme Court judge had declared unlawful two days earlier.

The unexpected judicial intervention in the race, called the Broadway Bomb, caused some participants to worry about being arrested and others to say that they were more determined to take part.

In the end, the race proceeded with little incident. As skaters arrived at the finish line, near the sculpture of a charging bull at Bowling Green, some even posed for photographs with police commanders.

No arrests were reported.

Malcolm can see that a race down Broadway on a Saturday morning might be over-the-top. Why, though, ban it?

Why not ‘institutionalise’ it? Make it a regular event? Set an off-peak time and date. Advertise it. Bring the shopping crowds in. Close off the cross-streets, and get it over faster.

In London, Mayor BoJo would be branding it, sticky lapel-badges all round.

Come to think of it, Bloomberg and Bomb are also alliterative. Hizzoner is missing a photo-op of considerable potential.


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