The reticent Ms Featherstone

Here’s one Malcolm is not letting go.

Back on 19th October Malcolm felt moved by the energy pricing #combishambles to seek the educated view of his MP — the fragrant (though even pig-slurry can be so described) Lynne Featherstone [fighting for Hornsey & Wood Green]:

As a matter of some urgency, can Ms Featherstone explain her position on #energyshambles?
I thought DECC was a LibDem fiefdom; but the PM’s statement on Wednesday seemed to establish new and directed guidelines for Coalition policy.
Am I allowed to expect deductions on tariff for twin-energy, for on-line billing, and direct debit? If not, why must my energy bills be increased to a notional average?
Would imposing a common tariff not amount to a form of re-nationalisation? Or at least direction from Whitehall?
In short, what is going on?

Ms Featherstone’s normal response (as in a previous exchange over the removal of disability allowances for handicapped children) is to recycle the pro-forma response of the Tory minister.

Not this time. Obviously the combo-shambles is more shambolic than we thought.

We now have a new approach, courtesy of her “assistant”:

Thank you for contacting Lynne Featherstone MP with regard to energy tariffs. Due to strict Parliamentary protocol, MPs are only able to make representations on behalf of their constituents. Please could you kindly provide your full address and postcode to confirm that you are a resident of Hornsey and Wood Green.

To which Malcolm whizzes back:

Hold on: I am not asking Ms Featherstone “to make representations”.
I am asking what is her position on energy tariffs.
No more. No less.
To solicit a statement of a Member’s position should not require full personal details.
And, yes: I am a resident of Ms Featherstone’s constituency — though why that should matter is arguable. Good luck on getting even that assurance from the Gadarene swine of the press corps.

Should Ms Featherstone (or her “assistant”) come up with a definitive response, it’ll be here.


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