Black Friday

Well, that’s the carbs of Thanksgiving out of the way. So now to a healthier diet.

The alternative to posting here (trying to use Facebook) has proved somewhat fraught.

So, a passing thought here (prompted by the New York Times front page): the US still allows HCFC-22 as a coolant. That puts it in 140 million central heating air units nationwide. This stuff is therefore present in every landfill — 0r rather was, and is leaking out. Bye bye troposphere.

And this in a country where your bar snack packet warns you it may contain nuts.

There are more nuts in the environmental destruction lobby.



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2 responses to “Black Friday

  1. P.Y.P.

    P.Y.P. wants to know how many Mallrats you encountered on Black Friday.

    • Malcolm Redfellow

      Lots. Though perhaps not quite in massed ranks.

      The Mall Rats in Training were also to the fore.

      Also on view were the Mall Rats Emeritae.

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