Well, end of file 2012.

Malcolm found himself invited to one of those neighbourly New Year dos, where one has to do a party piece.

This one involved a round-robin quiz: every guest had to propose five questions,  relating to year, just gone. Lose points if you’re a smart-arse who proposes a question no-one else in the party can answer.

Here were Malcolm’s five:

  1. Where would you see: Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria?
  2. Since the middle of 2012, wikipedia have included Bacon numbers in their biographies. Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe are all 2. So: what’s a Bacon number?
  3.  If 2 is Bill Fairbanks; 4 is Aidan Flemings; 6 is Alec Trevelyan, who is 7? And how did his 23rd become the 14th to pass a billion?
  4.  There were ten in 2012: Chris, Ernesto, Gordon, Isaac, Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Rafael. Who came next and last?
  5.  On Nov 6th the US Patent Office issued Apple with patent number D670,286. To what major technological advance did it refer?

Only number 5 was a mark down against Malcolm.

Answers to follow. Emailed answers welcomed and acknowledged.



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2 responses to “EOF

  1. Malcolm,

    A proposition for a New Year Resolution for you: If you have not read W.G. Sebald, “The Rings of Saturn” (as I have just done having been passed it on as a Christmas gift), please do so. Although the running context in the book is a walk along the coast and inland in East Suffolk in 1994, the historical and literary story telling would be just up your street, especially if you have ever spent time on the Suffolk coast as opposed to the North Norfolk coast.


    • Malcolm Redfellow

      Will certainly do. Not a fan of Sebald, but you’ve twisted my arm.

      Great Uncle Nev kept the Lord Nelson at Southwold. Grandad is on the War Memorial at Leiston, where my great-grandparents are also in the churchyard.

      Keep whistling.

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