Crapita and Crapita

We’ve always known that the Great Tory Hysteria about “illegal immigrants” was populist crap. It plays well to the rough end of the tabloid trade.

Since ins and outs were so poorly documented, and the list went back long before the 1997 Labour Government, many, many of the 174,000 “over-stayers” would already have gone home long since.

Still, Tory propaganda required jumping-through-hoops. On that basis, Crapita were promised up to £40 million to locate these evil over-stayers, and send them a piece of paper.

Note: Crapita had no extradition powers: that was down to the UKBA and the police … but, still, what’s the odd forty mill between friends?

It’s just a matter of processing paper:  like one of those Wild West “wanted” posters —

£230 a head, dead or alive.

So far, Crapita have located 0.00017816091954% of the “over-stayers”, who have been back in India these four years. Plus several more who are permanent UK residents, properly authorised, even holding full UK citizenship.

Well done, Craps!


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