Smile and simile

Redfellow Hovel is convenient for the Olympian heights of Muswell Hill, where there is a branch of W.H.Smith. Fortunately there is also an excellent newsagent.


Hence, this very morning, Malcolm was faced with a choice:

  • The London Review of Books with John Lancaster considering The Shit We’re In. Well, Malcolm reckons he knows about that already.
  • The New York Review of Books, though not the latest issue, still seems preoccupied with how Obama was re-elected. Clue: he got more votes. What too often goes unrecognised is the natural majority for decency and fairness (which currently amounts to the moderate Democrats) — even in the House elections, the Dems outpolled the GOP by a million votes across the nation. Only the gerrymandered redistricting after the 2010 census skewed the popular will.

In stead Malcolm reached down and lifted his customary Times Literary Supplement, seduced as much by the prospect of an hour with the crossword as by the fetching Ingres on the front page. Which, as above, he now shares with you.

Not all was thereby lost, for Hugh Muir’s Guardian Diary column provides a small gem:

 Finally, to Alan Bennett’s Diary for 2012, which appears in the latest edition of the London Review of Books, specifically the entry for 2 May . “Jeremy Hunt has the look of an estate agent waiting to show someone a property,” says Bennett, ever wise. He does, doesn’t he?

 Helpfully, in the web edition, we find that aptly illustrated:

Jeremy Hunt

“… and the downstairs loo is this wide!”

However, that leaves Malcolm with a lit. crit, puzzlement.

Does Alan Bennett’s shrewd comparison, “has the look of”, amount to a full-blown simile?


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One response to “Smile and simile

  1. Richard Thomas

    Perhaps I do not share your charitable view of Berkshire Hunt having the look of an estate agent but to me he has the look of someone who has some blunt object in his nether orifice and can’t decide whether he is pleased or horrified.

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