The Pert Young Piece snaps …

Today’s helicopter crash-site in Vauxhall is adjacent to the rail line used daily by said PYP.

She sends an iPhone snatched shot of not very much — the drama is over. Except the proximity of the Virgin Atlantic poster seems in bad taste:


Flying in the face of ordinary

Meanwhile, The Big Issue (also there, if you look) was raised by the local MP at PMQs:

12:18 – Kate Hoey, the Vauxhall MP, raises the helicopter crash in her constituency. She’s asking rather a long question, but gets lots of attention as she demands a closer look at how helicopters fly through the centre of London. Cameron says the “terrifying pictures” on the TV underline the points she makes. “I’m sure they will be looked at,” he says.

Since Redfellow Hovel is directly below one of the Met Police helicopter’s main routes, Malcolm feels keenly interested.


Kate Hoey, interviewed on BBC TV News, has it that the Met Police had grounded their helicopter(s) because of the weather conditions — that is the fog which had closed London City Airport.

That raises the serious question: if it wasn’t safe for the Met (who must know London as intimately as anyone) to fly, why was a commercial pilot at liberty to flit around using only the issue 1.0 human eyeball?


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