Honour Hizzoner!

Compared to the ball of inertia that is the Mayor of London, there’s a lot going for Michael R. Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City.

And here’s why:

… the plastic-foam container may soon be going the way of trans fats, 32-ounce Pepsis, and cigarettes in Central Park.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, whose regulatory lance has slain fatty foods, supersize sodas, and smoking in parks, is now targeting plastic foam, the much-derided polymer that environmentalists have long tried to restrict.

On Thursday, Mr. Bloomberg, in his 12th and final State of the City address, will propose a citywide ban on plastic-foam food packaging, including takeout boxes, cups and trays. Public schools would be instructed to remove plastic-foam trays from their cafeterias. Many restaurants and bodegas would be forced to restock.

In excerpts from his speech released on Wednesday, Mr. Bloomberg rails against plastic foam, even comparing it to lead paint. “We can live without it, we may live longer without it, and the doggie bag will survive just fine,” the mayor plans to say.

Nobody would argue that NYC’s air quality is “good” (no city air quality is “good”), but what is remarkable is that it is by no means the worst across the USA — ten of the worst dozen ozone-polluted,  and seven of the worst dozen counties for particle-pollution are in and around LA, so no surprise there.

It’s a live and populist issue in NYC. Meanwhile BoJo is failing to come to terms with London’s air pollution: he postures whenever his past mis-steps trip him up.

We know that BoJo and Bloomberg live on the same land-surface, though it might as well be on different planets:

… some of his more high-minded policies, like soda limits, have left the [London] natives bemused.

When the mayors met for the first time, Mr. Johnson recalled, Mr. Bloomberg kept talking about trans fats.

“I didn’t know what trans fats were,” Mr. Johnson said, a glint in his eye. “I thought it had something to do with transsexuals, obese transsexuals, or something. Anyway, he made a great deal about that.”

That went down like a 2-pint cola with the UK pink press.



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