National Brotherhood Week … not!

All the other versions are blocked on copyright. But there it is:

It’s fun to eulogise
The people you despise,
As long as you don’t let ’em in your school.

Which would sound well from a certain Anglo-Maltese Tory lady:

On the first day of her campaign, Maria Hutchings was asked about one interview in which she was quoted as saying she did not care about refugees and another in which she allegedly claimed that Labour had done more for “the immigrants, the gays, the bloody foxes” than for children with special needs. She claimed she had been misquoted.

Who flung dung?

Sure, enough, the cow pats are flying in Eastleigh. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, so uplifting as a LibDem (“a yellow bastard“) wafting a ripe splatter at an opposite number of the ConDem coalition. Unless, of course, it’s vice versa.

Fortunately for the future of political mud-wresting-in-a-recently-vacated-cattle-pen, it’s already getting down-and-dirty:


Whereupon the Tories — specifically the unspeakable Harry Phibbs (by name and nature) — at ConHome, swiftly shuffle sideways:

However is the Lib Dem attack so smart? Their leader Nick Clegg says he may send his eldest son to an indepedent [sic] school. Why should he be able to exercise the choice and not Maria Hutchings?

Iain Dale points out that the child in question may well be autistic.

If so the view that existing state provision is inadequate is shared by the National Austic [sic, again] Society. That is why they are involved in helping to start specialist free schools for children with autism. That will provide a choice for parents who can’t afford fees.

HutchingsWhatever truth or not there is in that remains unclear. What is clear is that some Tory-run local authorities have absolutely no intention of willingly providing proper facilities in state schools for autistic children.

Which is why North Yorkshire recruited the self-proclaimed “ABA-killer” for the appeals procedure.

Airbrushed for change

There is, by the way, a bit of the old Cameroon Photoshopping going on.

Compare and contrast the image of Mrs Hutchings above (on the leaflet, from in action at the B&Q presser) with the ‘official’ version (as just above).

With luck, the air will remain blue (though not, perhaps, politically) — in Westminster and Eastleigh, alike —  for at least the next twelve days.


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