Where next for Chris and Vicky?

Malcolm last passed this way on 29th January.

That was prompted by all the smoke signals of a cover-up (mixed metaphor there?).

Since then we have had the confession and the two court cases. To add to the general hilarity and mirth, there may well be another trail on the way.

We are told that Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce will be available for further onward despatch, suitcases at hand, via Southwark Crown Court, 2pm on Monday. All the media reports assume gaol sentences are on the cards.  A paparazzi goat-fuck has been disorganised for English Grounds, SE1: assemble at the Horniman pub, near Hays Galleria, in good time — if not good order.

Which leaves one question hanging (and the likes of Guido Fawkes and his band of window-lickers would happily interpose “Hanging’s too good”).

The question is: why?

Apart from gratuitous thoughts of vengeance, what public good will come of incarcerating Mrs Pryce? Has she not been put upon enough?

Even the deluded and despicable Huhne has been efficiently disgraced and eliminated from public life. He will, it is hoped, next be pursued for the cost of that pointless legal action he took last September — say £100,000 or so — but he is a wealthy man, and should be able to ride it. Doubtless, like other political miscreants before him — Profumo, Aitken, Archer — he will go away and do good works.

All this is far, far beyond Malcolm’s comprehension and ulcer-rating. Instead Malcolm returns to an occasion of similar public disgrace, over a century ago:

I know not whether Laws be right,
   Or whether Laws be wrong;
All that we know who lie in gaol
   Is that the wall is strong;
And that each day is like a year,
   A year whose days are long.

But this I know, that every Law
   That men have made for Man,
Since first Man took His brother’s life,
   And the sad world began,
But straws the wheat and saves the chaff
   With a most evil fan.

This too I know — and wise it were
   If each could know the same —
That every prison that men build
   Is built with bricks of shame,
And bound with bars lest Christ should see
   How men their brothers maim.


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