Flow, sweet river, flow

The view from the 72nd floor


From Shadwell dock to Nine Elms Reach
We cheek to cheek were dancing
Her necklace made of London Bridge
Her beauty was enhancing
Kissed her once again at Wapping,
Flow, sweet river,  flow
After that there was no stopping,
Sweet Thames, flow softly…

Or, if you must (and you should), the original by its originator:

Though, even that has a progenitor:

From those high towers this noble lord issúing
Like radiant Hesper, when his golden hair
In th’ ocean billows he hath bathèd fair,
Descended to the river’s open viewing…
     Sweet Thames! run softly, till I end my song.



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2 responses to “Flow, sweet river, flow

  1. Doubting Thomas

    Nice posting and a fine choice of music and poetry too.

    • Malcolm Redfellow

      Thanks, Thomas. As ever.

      And the lady in profile has been my espoused wife these forty-six years (and got me up there).

      What got to me was my first ever primary school was Fair Street (just at the end of Tower Bridge Road, and clearly seen from up there). So sixty-five years have brought me … what? … half a mile down Tooley Street and a thousand feet up.

      Tell you something: the Luftwaffe didn’t do as much damage to Lunnun Tarn as the planners have managed since.

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