Song for song

timthumb.phpThe Daily Mail is as baleful today as ever.

It hit upon a story that — in its peculiar parallel universe — has everything. Try it:

  • Romany Blythe, 45, created ‘The Witch Is Dead Party’ Facebook group
  • Works with ‘potentially criminalised individuals’ in drama workshops
  • ‘They danced in the streets when Hitler died too,’ she said today
  • Previously claimed her PIP breast implants caused a miscarriage
  • Special needs teacher Craig Parr, 27, works at Miliband’s old school
  • Organised Brixton ‘death party’, holding ‘Rejoice. Thatcher is dead’ placard
  • Invited people to celebrate death of UK’s first female Prime Minister

The drama teacher behind one of the vile Thatcher ‘death parties’ today compared Britain’s greatest post-war prime minister to Hitler as it was revealed she had breast implants on the NHS.

Romany Blythe, 45, who helps troubled children at schools in Brighton, has created an internet page called: ‘The witch is dead’ and encouraged thousands to ‘p***’ on the Iron Lady’s grave.

Miliband’s  old school … a  finishing school for the Labour  politicians of the future and tits!

Hanging’s too good for ’em!

Then we have the rather silly business about:

The BBC is facing a difficult decision about whether it should play a Wizard Of Oz track which has had a surge of popularity in the wake of Baroness Thatcher’s death.

An online campaign has driven sales of the song – today midweek placings released by the Official Charts Company show Judy Garland’s Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead is now at number 10.

The corporation will now have to decide if they will play the 1939 tune during Radio 1’s top 40 countdown when places are finalised at the weekend.

Perhaps someone (in this case the Daily Mirror) should let the Mail in on even worse tidings:

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead has rocketed to number one in the iTunes download chart following the death of Margaret Thatcher.

The Judy Garland version of the Wizard of Oz song hit the top spot last night following an online campaign by the Iron Lady’s critics.

It had already reached the top spot on Amazon’s sales charts on Tuesday night.

In the midweek Official Singles Chart it was listed at number 10 and is on course to be number one after selling more than 10,600 copies.

So Malcolm offers a simple solution to the Mail‘s trauma.

Fight fire with fire.

Campaign to promote a rival song:

That’s Someday my Plinth will Come. As in:

A political row erupted today over plans to erect a statue of Margaret Thatcher in central London.

Boris Johnson and Defence Secretary Philip Hammond have backed the idea, with the vacant fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square emerging as a frontrunner for a site.

Malcolm already has the crapulent pigeons in training.



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