Weirder still and weirder shall her bounds be set

The Times is hardly recovering from its grief-stricken Thatcherfest. Today it was only — only — pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 25, and 29 before we arrived at the twelve-page supplement. That included, without any reflective irony, Ann Treneman pontificating about George Galloway’s rococo curlicues on his great anti-Maggie speech.

The absolute cracker has to be the full-page round-up of those turning up for the formal bit. This is headlined:

Argentina declines to pay respects to Falklands foe

So, it’s good to be reassured that Britain in general, and The Times in particular, will be unstinting in tear-stained tributes and regrets, when in due course they are required, for the soon-to-be-late Robert Mugabe. After all, de mortuis nil niso maxissimum bonum.


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