Three times pays for all

Wasn’t that a Gandalf utterance? It’s so long since Malcolm offered The Hobbit to Year Seven pupils, he’s forgotten. In passing he insists he had to have a bad dose of ‘flu, and skip pages to get through The Lord of the Rings. Still let’s pass on …

Today’s gem belongs to Hugh Muir, officer commanding the Guardian diary column:

Finally, a day of tributes for Sir Alex Ferguson who will stand down as Man Utd manager at the end of the season. And what an upbeat day they had in the redder part of Liverpool. “First Thatcher dies, then Ferguson retires,” a wag noted, much retweeted. “Somewhere there is a Scouser with a lamp – and one wish left.”

Use it well, my friend.



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2 responses to “Three times pays for all

  1. Doubting Thomas

    Doesn’t Kelvin Mackenzie’s sacking by the Telegraph count towards the three wishes?

  2. Malcolm Redfellow

    Nah! That’s a Jungian thing: the working of the collective subconscious — ” a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals.”

    But, if it’s local to Liverpool, I’m watching Michael Heseltine’s health.

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