I’m out of here!

Malcolm has never, ever, felt the urge to go skiing. In his advanced years he never will.

From time to time he may need to be assured this is a decent position to hold. As soon as an acquaintance turns up with a splint, a plastered limb, or even complaining of a “wrench”, he know he is quite right.

And then, catching up with a back issue of The Spectator, he finds Pippa Middleton (sister of the less-famed Duchess of Cambridge) showing us her Alpine Notebook:

I took comfort in my thermals. On the Haute Route, thermals are your best friends. You wear them day and night, for breakfast, lunch, supper and bed — the tighter, the better. Practicality becomes style. Of course, I spent hours each day debating whether to wear the bodyfit 200 Icebreaker crew or V neck, the Odlo breathable ‘ninja’ long johns or the 100 per cent merino wool onesie with rear flaps.

Oh, for heaven’s sake! 


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One response to “I’m out of here!

  1. Doubting Thomas

    Similarly I have never felt any wish to ski or skate in either form. Family say it’s cowardice but I’ve never felt the wish to lose control of my lower limbs on ice or snow so it’s perhaps an inflated sense of my own dignity coupled with avoiding the risk of pain.

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