A measure of fear

Times 11 SEPThere really is no other explanation for the unremitting Tory assault on Ed Miliband.

Yesterday’s Times front page story was the prime example: the only matter at issue is:

  • Was it incited by Tory Central?


Possible corollaries:

  • The Ozification of British politics at work?
  • A hot-line between the Dirty Digger and fellow-emigré, Lynton Crosby?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, things progress as would be expected. The Great British Public is back to the daily grind, after the uplift of the summer hols. The credit card bills are dropping onto the door-mat. Wages and salaries continue to be eroded at a rate of knots.


Update: Labour lead at 7 – Latest YouGov/The Sun results 11th September – Con 32%, Lab 39%, LD 10%, UKIP 11%; APP -25 http://y-g.co/16kPsPR 


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