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Angela Knight was Tory MP for Erewash (that’s Ilkeston and district) in the ’90s. Given the heave-ho! by an ungrateful electorate in 1997, she found a role shilling for the banks, and arguing the case for as little regulation  as was credible. Then came the banking crash.

Even then she was a game lass.

To the end,

  • even after the Bank of International Settlements and the WSJ were getting antsy,
  • after New York Fed President Timothy F. Geithner had gone on record to the Bnk of England that all was far from well,
  • when the worms were crawling out of the cupboard,

she was propounding that:

that Libor could be trusted as “a reliable benchmark.”

Such ingratitude!

Not uncoincidentally Angela was soon out of the CEO chair at the BBA.

Oooh! Angie baby! You’re a special lady!

You can’t keep a good girl down.

With a single bound, last year, she was free from the British Bankers’ Association to become boss at Energy UK, the energy industry trade body. 

So now she’s doing the smear jobs on Ed Miliband, as the energy cartel’s own Chicken Little:

Chicken Little Sky Falling


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