Hold your coat, Ed?

Adam Sherwin has his two-cents’ worth in today’s Independent, under an headline inviting an intriguing thought:

Ed Miliband versus Paul Dacre: Going to war with the Daily Mail might actually be smart politics

Dacre’s newspaper and all it represents is largely despised by the 34 per cent of the electorate the Labour leader is aiming to seduce

Sherwin begins:

My colleague John Rentoul, who is right about almost every political intrigue, senses an apocalyptic battle looming between the House of Dacre and the House of Miliband.

“Going to war with Rupert Murdoch is one thing. Going to war with the Daily Mail is an additional thing. That *is* brave,” tweeted @JohnRentoul.

 the House of Dacre and the House of Miliband

What would ensue?

There can be just the bare alternatives:

  • One side chokes it, and fumbles an apology.

It is hard to believe it would be Miliband, who still surfs on taking on Murdoch, seeing off Cameron over Syria, breasting up to Unite and the GMB, and spitting in the eye of the power cartel. Or as Steve Bell rendered it:
25.09.13: Steve Bell on Ed Miliband's speech in Brighton

Equally, Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail is an unforgiving beast., so:

  • This one rumbles on for as long as Miliband leads the Labour Party, and probably into the mists of future time.

Sherwin, though, implies that both Miliband brothers, the “house of Miliband”, are in this together.

Lurking in the Mail’s self-greasing piece we find this (which deserves more coverage):

The former Labour MP David Miliband tweeted: “My dad loved Britain. Here’s the truth,” and linked to his brother’s article defending their father, who fled Belgium aged 16 to escape the Nazis.

Coming away a loser

Even there, Dacre & Co cannot help invoking Godwin’s Law: the reductio ad Hitlerum:

… there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically “lost” whatever debate was in progress.

Anyway, as Lady Bracknell didn’t quite opine, but might well have done, in these circumstances:

To irritate one Miliband, Mr. Dacre, may be regarded as a misfortune.
To aggravate both looks like carelessness.


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