You cannot be serious!

Not John McEnroe, but a piece from Political Scrapbook:

“Will Nick Griffin be given the Nobel Prize?” asks BNP web-site.

It gets better: as the BNP presents it, Griffin is the spiritual parallel to Saint Paul, on the road to Damascus. Oh, just read it!

To which Malcolm adds:

By coincidence, there was I reading David Downing’s thriller Zoo Station.

Here we find the protagonist, John Russell, encountering a fellow journalist in the Adlon Hotel, Berlin. It is early 1939:

“Hey!”” Slaney interrupted himself. “Have you heard the latest? Over the weekend some Swedish member of Parliament nominated Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize. Wrote a letter of recommendation and everything.”” Slaney flipped back the pages of his notebook. “” He praised ‘Hitler’’s glowing love of peace, heretofore best documented in his famous book Mein Kampf.’” ” 
“”A spoof, right?””  
“”Of course. But at least one German paper missed that bit. They printed the whole thing as if it was completely kosher.”” He threw back his head and laughed out loud, drawing stares from across the room.

For authentication, that appears on the official Nobel Prize website:

Adolf Hitler was nominated once in 1939. Incredulous though it may seem today, the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939, by a member of the Swedish parliament, an E.G.C. Brandt. Apparently though, Brandt never intended the nomination to be taken seriously. Brandt was to all intents and purposes a dedicated antifascist, and had intended this nomination more as a satiric criticism of the current political debate in Sweden. (At the time, a number of Swedish parliamentarians had nominated then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin for the Nobel Peace Prize, a nomination which Brandt viewed with great skepticism. ) However, Brandt’s satirical intentions were not well received at all and the nomination was swiftly withdrawn in a letter dated 1 February 1939.

 Malcolm suggests the writer intended “incredible”, not “incredulous”,

Anyway, his nominating letter of 27th January 1939 alone earns Erik Gottfrid Christian Brandt an entry in wikipedia.



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